The brand


Puntododici was founded in 2012 and could only be this the year in which two friends, fashion enthusiasts (and a bit superstitious), embraced a new project: the creation of a jackets collection which encloses at the same time the lightness of the duvet and more refined goose down with the daily gesture of getting dressed and Italian style.

Punto 12 put a point before the year of its establishment, and the number 12 enclosed in a circle is not a random choice: it’s the number of the completed cycle, 12 are the months of the year as well as the 12 zodiac signs. A brand born surely under a lucky star! Fabrics and perfect fit are the main features of the Puntododici product which exhibits a sportswear chic, with modern taste.

Every season is divided in man and woman collections, where style experimentations and care of details interweave with the brand DNA. Puntododici: when luck is what you wear.

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